Genuine Alientech Kess & Ktag vs Cloned Tools

Customers often ask me why I’m so expensive compared to the chap off Facebook Marketplace, or the man down the pub that does tuning?

Why Should I Not Have My Car Remapped By Someone With Cloned Tools?

Alientech are one of the leading Chiptuning / ECU Remapping brands in the world, they produce ECU programming tools such as Kess and Ktag, these tool have been long established and possibly one of the most stable tools on the market, albeit a little slow in comparison to newer tools that have been developed since, such as the likes of Autotuner.

However due to their success and the technology being a little older within the hardware itself, it has opened the products up to cloning, or other words the manufacturing of cheap replica copies using inferior parts.

A genuine Kess Master tool costs over £7,000 with all protocols, yet a Chinese cloned Kess Master can be bought for as little as £40 from sites such as Alibaba, clearly something that costs £40 is not going to do the same job as a £7,000 programming tool from Alientech, or come with the same support.

Cloned tools are very unstable and carry a significant risk of effectively bricking your ECU, many of the important functions are disabled such as VR (Virtual Reads) and ECU Recovery, using fake tools is dishonest and unsafe, and you have to question the integrity of the person carrying out the work.

How Can I Avoid Be Scammed By Someone Using Cloned Fake Tools?

First of all, if it sounds “too good to be true“, then it’s very likely it is, as mentioned earlier a genuine Kess Master tool costs £7,000 with all protocols and has yearly subscriptions to allow access to updates and support of around £2,000, as Kess is just an example of one tool, and a good tuner requires access to many tools, you can see how if someone is offering a remap under £200 it couldn’t be economically viable.

The best way to ensure that you don’t get scammed is to read the reviews, the best source being on Google, as the reviews are linked to a legitimate business and not someone out to make a quick buck.

Ensure that it is actually a business carrying out the work and not someone on Facebook Marketplace for example with no credentials, tuning isn’t something that can be done as a hobby, due to the high costs of equipment and subscriptions involved, not forgetting insurance to carry out the work.

A good tuning company will happily show you a copy of their insurance and confirm and provide evidence that they are using genuine tools, if you are in any doubt the simple message is JUST SAY NO!




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