VW Diesel-Emissions Scandal

VW admitted 1.2 million vehicles in the UK – had software that reduced readings of emissions in tests.

Mr de la Mare told the court that VW engines were “optimised to minimise the amount of pollutants” in emissions tests, meaning the vehicles operated in a “completely different way in the street to how it operated in the test”.

As a result of the software update applied by VAG group, there are multiple negative and unintended issues now affecting many 1000’s of cars here in the UK.

The issues affected the following vehicles

  • 1.2tdi

  • 1.6tdi

  • 2.0 TDI

  • Audi

  • Volkswagen

  • Skoda

  • Seat Cars


Swedish motor magazine Teknikensvarld.se proves Emissions fix has negative effect on MPG and power

They tested 10 VW vehicles both before and after the emissions fix recording MPG, Power and Torque on a rolling road. Their exhaustive testing shows that in most cases vehicles responded negatively to the fix, resulting in a reduction in power of around 10% whilst reducing fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

Results from Hypermiller Survey

87% of owners reported issues following the fix

96.9% of owners would not recommend having the Emissions fix applied

66.9% experienced EGR valve failure following the emissions fix

Typical faults that occurred shortly after having the fix carried out.

  • EGR Valve 66.9%

  • DPF 14.4%

  • Fuel System 8.8%

  • Exhaust System 5.1%

We have the technology to roll back the software to how the vehicle was designed to run when it left the factory

This means that any of the issues that could have potentially been caused as a result of the software update will not occur and original power and MPG will be restored.

However, we CANNOT guarantee that such problems won’t happen in the future, as these issues can occur during the engine’s lifetime, anyway.

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