Struggling With AdBlue Issues, Maybe We Can Help

AdBlue (SCR) System Override Solution

When Eurotunnel sought a reputable and trusted partner to assist in the recovery of vehicles arriving in the UK with non-starting issues due to AdBlue faults, they turned to us.

The AdBlue system in vehicles is composed of crucial components like the AdBlue tank, level sensors, pump, injector, and SCR catalytic converter, as well as the Nox sensor. All operate in sync with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which relies on the functionality of the system and sensors for precise functionality. If any of the sophisticated systems fail, that is when the countdown to not starting will begin, eventually disabling the vehicle.

Your vehicle may already be awaiting repair at a garage, but due to a lack of spare parts or scheduling complexities, repairs could be delayed, it could be disabled on the roadside awaiting recovery or disabled on your driveway and you don’t know what to do next.

In cases where we can’t assist with traditional diagnostics, we can make specific adjustments to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) software. This effectively eliminates AdBlue countdowns, warning messages, or any related dashboard faults, allowing you to safely drive to a repair facility without the risk of breakdown. Once the dealer has the vehicle in, they can simply overwrite our software adjustment or give us a call to activate the faults once more..

  • No Charge if we can’t get you going
  • No charge if we can’t remove the faults on the dashboard
  • Professional, Customer-Centric Approach
  • Flexible Card Payment Options
  • Emergency Service Available on the Same Day in Most Cases

Call or text Samantha on 07771 514402 to discover more.

A Word Of Caution

Our AdBlue System Override provides essential support to motorists in Kent or East Sussex dealing with AdBlue faults during critical times where they require access to the vehicle whilst awaiting repair.
Although our meticulously developed software solution operates indefinitely, preventing AdBlue countdown issues, and no-start situations, and eliminating all AdBlue-related warning lights on the dashboard, it is intended solely to be used as a temporary fix, giving you the extended time needed to seek comprehensive repairs from your trusted garage.

Disabling the Adblue system will likely render the vehicle illegal to drive on UK roads. We offer this service with the expectation that the vehicle will only be used to get you to the repairer or in situations where it is legally permissible, such as on private property or for permanent export outside of the EU. If the vehicle is driven on UK roads, the law is unequivocal, and the driver is responsible for ensuring compliance. We will not accept any responsibility if you violate the law in this regard.