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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ECU Remapping?
ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping, also known as ECU tuning or chipping, is a process that involves modifying the software or firmware of a vehicle’s engine control unit. The engine control unit is a computer that manages various aspects of an internal combustion engine’s performance, including fuel injection, ignition timing, turbocharger boost pressure, and other parameters.

Is Remapping Safe?
Our software is designed to operate within the safe limits of the vehicle’s components, including the engine and transmission. It is crucial to always adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules. Ensuring that the vehicle undergoes proper care, including regular oil changes, spark plug replacements, and other routine maintenance, plays a vital role in maintaining its overall health and performance. Modification of vehicles is not without its risks, particularly when it is older, or driven to its limits constantly, inevitably there will be occasional serious failures as parts can and do fail when reaching the end of their useful life modified or not, see our Terms and Conditions HERE.

Is it a Custom Or Generic Map?
Each map we install is specifically calibrated for your vehicle’s make, model, drivetrain, ECU, and software version, maps are dyno-developed by the leading companies and individuals in the business, applying safe and proven maps is known as generic tuning in the industry, typically the only time a vehicle requires a custom map is at point of initial development or for heavily modified vehicles, actually most dyno facilities employ the services of the same individuals as ourselves and simply offer a before and after dyno run, to test their claim of “Custom Tuning” give them a call about a large aftermarket turbo you’ve purchased along with some big injectors for your car and see what response you get.

Will a Remap invalidate my car’s warranty?
A car remap WILL void your engine’s warranty, If you have heard different elsewhere, then you’ve been lied to. Car manufacturer warranties clearly state that modifications to any components that are not approved by the OEM will void their warranty.
A car remap not approved by your OEM falls under the above.

Can the main dealer detect if my vehicle has been remapped?
Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) is particularly vigilant in identifying modifications. Their dealer tools have the capability to detect modified software automatically when plugged in during a service. Subsequently, the vehicle is permanently flagged with a TD1, which serves as the VW Audi Group’s “warranty key” indicating changes in the software within the Engine Control Module (ECM). It is likely that the dealer may not mention the flag unless there is a claim.
Some companies propose that returning the vehicle to stock before taking it to the main dealer will resolve the issue. However, especially with VAG, chances are they will still be aware that the vehicle has undergone modifications. We never suggest that a remap is undetectable, and any company claiming otherwise is not being truthful. If you wish to learn more about VAG please click HERE

Why do power claims vary so much from tuners for a Stage 1 map for my vehicle?
You will see that the top companies within this sector all have developed maps producing very similar gains. Beware of tuners who claim significantly more, it’s either being economical with the truth relying on that the customer will not notice to win the business, or the engine and components will be pushed too hard and become unreliable.

Can my map disappear or stop working?
In essence, no. The disappearance of a remap, or more accurately, the entire flash data, is implausible on its own. If such a scenario were to occur, your car would fail to start. The only circumstance under which you might lose your tune is if the vehicle is reverted to its stock settings by another tuner or the main dealer through a software update.

Should I inform my insurer?
Let’s keep the answer simple and say Yes!.