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DPF Activation and Disable Software

DPF Activation Service

Our business specialises in reactivating Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that have been previously physically removed and a software patch applied to prevent regeneration. When a customer or garage fits a new DPF we have the capability to re-enable DPF functionality in the vehicle’s software where the filter has been previously eliminated, ensuring compliance with road regulations and environmental standards.



DPF Disable

While it is illegal to physically remove the DPF for road use and not a service we offer, in the event that you inadvertently acquire a vehicle with a removed DPF causing excessive smoke and pollution, we can provide a software solution that minimises the smoke and eliminates dashboard lights and enables the vehicle to operate without entering limp mode. This temporary fix allows you to transport the vehicle to a repair garage, where we can then reactivate the DPF minimizing environmental impact.