DPF Software Solution After Physical DPF Removal

About Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Under certain conditions, a DPF can become blocked, causing an engine fault code to display on the dashboard. In extreme cases, especially if the fault is ignored the blocked DPF will cause the car to go into ‘limp’ mode, restricting the performance of the vehicle, the intention being it will be taken either home or to a garage where the fault needs to be addressed urgently, ignoring this can result ultimately in engine failure.

Once blocked rarely is it possible to efficiently remove the soot and ash from the DPF to a level that it won’t continue to give issues, and a new DPF can often cost more than the value of the vehicle

Although it’s illegal to physically remove the DPF for road use and not a service we carry out, we are able to provide a software solution to prevent attempted regeneration after the DPF has been removed, our software will also remove any lights on the dashboard and allow the vehicle to run without going into limp mode.

Most customers also benefit by having an engine ECU remap alongside the DPF remap which provides even better gains than just the DPF Removal itself, after the DPF is removed the vehicle will also see other benefits.

  • No expensive DPF replacement costs.
  • No more limp modes when the vehicle decides to do a forced regeneration.
  • Improved MPG due to the removal of an air restriction allowing the engine to breathe better.
  • Improved power output of the vehicle.
  • After DPF removal it is possible to use biofuels as they can no longer cause issue to the DPF filter.




Before you or your garage remove the DPF, be aware that they have multiple sensors which aid its operation. These include temperature sensors and differential pressure sensors. All of these sensors may need to be working in order to have the DPF removed. If a car is in limp mode and the DPF is compacted requiring replacement, simple removal may not always cure the problem. The DPF failing is often a symptom of another fault, not the cause of the issue. For instance, a car may require a DPF replacement due to compaction, but the cause may be leaking injectors which have caused the DPF to fail. Similarly, the management light may be on and in limp mode, the DPF may be saturated requiring replacement yet after removal the car may still be in limp mode and management light in with the common cause being a faulty differential pressure sensor and the reason the DPF failed. DPF removal is a great facility and can save you thousands but sometimes there are additional parts that require replacement which only become highlighted after the DPF has been removed.