Mobile Service To Kent’s Motor Trade
We specialise in analyzing ECU data to determine the presence of diagnostic trouble codes that have been concealed, preventing successful diagnosis using standard diagnostic tools. Our services also include restoring vehicles to their original state after an engine rebuild to allow the rebuilders to guarantee their work. Additionally, we offer the reinstallation of emissions software in cases where software deletions have been carried out, allowing for the removal of DPF, EGR, and AdBlue systems that now require reisntating to allow the hardware to function.

The prevalence of amateur and unscrupulous individuals and businesses altering Engine Control Unit software is a growing concern. Advertisements for the removal of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) have made it challenging for garages to diagnose faults. Our company is frequently approached by trade customers who are unable to identify any fault codes with their scan tools despite evident issues with the vehicle. Upon conducting a software analysis, we often discover that blanket deletes of DTCs have been implemented to obscure faults and enable the sale of a vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer.
In response to this, we offer the following services to the trade:

✓ ECU Analysation and Report
✓ Returning ECU Software Back To Stock
✓ Correction Of Badly Mapped Vehicles
✓ Reinstating Of Emissions Related Software