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Restore Lost Power & Performance
Mobile Carbon Cleaning Service Across Kent

What Is HHO Carbon Cleaning?

As any engine (petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid or any other fossil fuel engine) burns fuel it creates sooty carbon deposits. As it gets older and has more miles/hours on it then it gets slowly noisier, sluggish, uses more fuel and starts to smoke more as these deposits gather. Many garages will recommend carbon cleaning as a way of restoring some of that lost performance, or as a way of helping your car pass the emissions part of the MoT test.

Typical Symptoms include amongst others…

Fuel economy has got worse and MPG has decreased (costing you more at the pump) your vehicle has progressively got sluggish (affecting performance) your emissions levels have risen (causing smoke, affecting DPFs and eventually risking MOT failure) your engine has got noisier and shakier (causing wear and tear on other components).

All the above can be due to carbon buildup. Leaving this to get worse means increased fuel bills and maintenance costs.


We approached the LARGEST manufacturer of HHO engine carbon cleaning machines in the UK, and then purchased the most powerful machine they produce.
Some of the reported benefits are:

· More Responsive
· Lower Emissions
· Potential Fuel Savings
· Smoother Performance
· Restored Power
· Enhanced Driving Experience
· Less Vibrations
· Restored Torque
It’s also claimed to clean turbos, help with sticky vanes, clean injectors, pistons, EGR & DPF

But be aware this isn’t a magical fix-all solution, if carbon has built up to critical levels then often this will require invasive methods requiring physical dismantling and cleaning, we prefer to think of HHO Carbon Cleaning as a preventative service to help prevent costly repair bills and recommend a carbon clean at least once per year.

How Does The Technology Work

The manufacturers state the hydrogen´s higher burn temperature and explosive force is such that it cleans the soot that collects in the engine and with a cleaner engine you get better mileage, quieter engine, better fuel economy, better response, and to recover lost BHP over the years. 


£165 including VAT for one vehicle

Typically it takes one hour from arrival to departure (plus 50 minutes for each additional vehicle).
NB: please ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel to be run for this length of time

Included in the price is a full diagnostic consultation, this does not just include the engine but any faults that are showing with areas such as the brakes or vehicle electrics.

A Diagnostic consultation includes:
– Initial all system diagnostic code checks with a professional-level scan tool, this is saved and can be emailed to you where requested.
– Clearing of any fault codes and then monitoring during the process to see if they are live or legacy codes from the past.

Have your vehicle Carbon Cleaned by a Trading Standards Approved Business – Give Samantha a call to get booked in on 07771 514402 or simply send us a message.