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Why Getting Your Engine Tuning Carried Out by a Professional Legitimate Company is the Only Sensible Choice

We are never going to be the cheapest for many of the reasons outlined below, plus a reputable company will always be VAT registered as its a legal obligation once the company passes the mandatory HMRC threshold. Any successful engine tuning companies’ annual sales will easily surpass this threshold, hence it’s unavoidable we have to charge 20% more than the chap having a go..

As a car or van owner, you may very well have seen advertisements for engine tuning online, social media, Facebook marketplace, or even at your local garage.

However, as with most industries, you’ll get great, fully equipped, fully qualified professionals, but you’ll also get those who provide the service without the necessary knowledge and with substandard engine tuning equipment.

The problem is that not only can you end up Not Getting Value for Money when you choose the wrong company for your engine ECU remapping, but you can also Actually do Some Real Damage to your vehicle.

And here’s why…

It’s a Highly Specialised Skill

Even if your engine tuning or ECU remapping is performed by a garage mechanic, it’s unlikely they’ll have the necessary IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) certification or correct equipment. The person performing the work may not be suitably qualified and with a highly complex job like this, lasting engine damage can occur. I have successfully completed the IMI approved Professional Tuner Training Programme and am also a member of the IMI simply because of their commitment to ethical conduct. 

Facebook Marketplace or associated selling sites are notorious for people advertising ECU remapping. A remap is one of the single biggest things that can influence how your vehicle performs, yet check out some of these peoples profiles, do they look like someone you’d trust with your pride and joy… They may advertise unsupported claims on power and fuel savings, have many different accounts and aliases, and advertise DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) removal. It’s dirty hiding a vehicles existing faults, would you be happy buying a car that has underlying issues that have been hidden? Think about the integrity of the people offering this service!

Using the Right Equipment

If you choose price over quality there’s a very good chance that they won’t be using genuine, high-end ECU remapping and engine tuning equipment.

That’s because the right equipment and subscriptions are expensive, but for good reason, as it massively cuts down on equipment-related issues and is supported by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Less reputable, unqualified operators will often buy cheaper or poor-quality cloned equipment from China which is not only unsupported, but they’ve also been known to damage ecus during the remapping process due to communication errors.

The other issue is that unscrupulous companies are targeting individuals into buying low-end ECU programming tools with a promise of getting rich quick, this floods the market with individuals desperately trying to recover the cost of the tool, often giving the industry a poor reputation.
Unfortunately, very few modern ECU’s can be read via OBD, so starter tools such as Kess and New Genius are unable to even READ or create a BACKUP of your ECU should something go wrong, and the tuner will have no idea if it’s been tuned already or had calibrations such as DPF or EGR deletes, so what happens is that they just write straight over the top of the existing file, often leaving the customer disappointed, especially if the vehicle had previously unknowingly been tuned.

A good tuner should have an arsenal of tools, typically between £10,000 – £15,000 – The Right Tool For The Right Job!


We are here to help you safely unlock the potential of your vehicle.

When you opt for a reputable specialist engine tuning professional they will have genuine tools, correct supporting equipment and public liability insurance.

This means you will have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in safe hands, after all a professional has a reputation to maintain.

Choosing your tuner based upon cost alone without checking their setup means that you are likely to get the work done by someone who isn’t qualified to be carrying out the tune and you may be left disappointed in the outcome and often with nowhere to turn to correct your vehicle afterwards.

Amateur’s that use cloned equipment and substandard map files from goodness knows where don’t care about their reputation either as they don’t have one.

Recommended Checklist

IMI Certified Professional Tuner

5 Star Reviews across multiple platforms

Professional Level Tools & Equipment

Public Liability Insurance

Verified Address

Trust The Experts

If you required brain surgery, you wouldn’t let someone you hadn’t met with no qualifications have a go based upon him being cheap and having a set of instruments he’d managed to get cheap off eBay, that’d be the wrong choice, right? 

We use only the best, cutting edge equipment and we have a great reputation with our customers.

This is illustrated by the unbiased customer reviews from Facebook and Google we receive which you can view here.

We are able to tune the vast majority of modern vans and cars to help achieve peak engine performance and get the most out of your fuel spend.

If you’d like to know more about us, please visit our Facebook page or call / message us on 07771514402 for honest impartial advice on giving your engine some specialist TLC.

Don’t leave your engine tuning to chance, as it’s just not worth it Trust in the experts.

Kess and New Genius above, great tools but not to be used on VAG or BMW after 2010 as are unable to Read / Backup / Rollback software for emissions.

Had my Bentley Continental remapped, can’t argue with an extra 110bhp and 200+nm toque. Hassle free and really good guy to deal with! Very happy the AMG next I think.

Ant Jhally

Highly recommended remapped my BMW M5 and wow what a change, very professional, knows his job very well!

Shane Christian

Amazing service! I couldn’t be happier with the Remapping and I couldn’t recommend Andy enough. Very professional and just a genuinely nice guy.

Darryl Cousins

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