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Improve Your Cars Performance
A Stage 1 Remap of the engine’s ECU increases the performance of your car without changing any other parts. This allows you to achieve maximum power while still maintaining the reliability of your engine’s standard setup.

RubyTune™ is a leader in the field of Engine ECU remapping, with a commitment to utilizing the latest technology and advancements. Our installation engineer is certified by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) and the company has Trading Standards Approval, ensuring that our customers can be confident they are in safe hands.

And it was totally worth it. The gearbox tune compliments the ECU remap perfectly, with the enhancements from both it’s now faster off the line than a stock Porsche 911. As always Andy and the team were very knowledgeable. Any other F80 M3 owners out there, I’d highly recommend the upgrades!

Justin (BMW M3 Owner)

Medway - Kent

At RubyTune, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most advanced equipment, providing expert advice, and having a consistently positive reputation among customers, establishing ourselves as the premier mobile remapping service provider in Kent.