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Cancellation, Complaints & Refunds Policy

Should you wish to cancel an appointment there is no charge, however, we politely ask that you provide as much notice as is possible.

On the day once we have completed the software upgrade we invite you to test drive the vehicle, we put no time limit on this and it’s your opportunity to confirm that you are completely happy with the results, if you are not delighted there will be no charge and we will simply return your vehicle’s software to how we found it. Assuming that you are delighted we will ask you to sign a disclaimer acknowledging our terms and conditions.

The remap settings that we install never change, so when we complete our servicing of your vehicle it will continue to perform at the capacity it did once we completed our work. Once remapped, we are confident the services provided will deliver noticeable benefits.
Following our work, if an issue arises with your vehicle it will most likely be due to a mechanical fault, not a fault with the software itself. Once the mechanical fault is fixed your vehicle should revert to its optimum performance.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with our service, we have a Complaints Policy to ensure all complaints are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a valued customer of ours, you are entitled to make a complaint to us. The following outlines our policy and procedures for the handling of verbal and written complaints.

Summary: We want to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible. Please contact us as soon as you can in order to resolve any problems you may be having with the service, as soon as possible.

Our Responsibilities:
● To provide an efficient, fair, and structured mechanism for handling complaints.
● To provide our customers with access to the complaints handling process, including those customers with disabilities and special needs.
● To keep customers informed as to the progress of their complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution.
● Quarterly to review our complaints so that we can improve our standard of customer service.

Handling Your Complaint:
● Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge your matter via telephone or in writing within 3 working business days.
● We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and the expected timeframe for resolution.
● Our aim is to resolve complaints in a timely manner and we will generally aim to resolve a matter within 7 calendar days.
● Complex complaints may take longer than this to resolve. In these cases, we will regularly update you on the progress and likely timeframe for resolution.
● We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint. Where you have requested us to do so, we will advise you in writing.

Step One:
If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of our service we urge you to get in touch via phone or email in the first instance. Our objective is to resolve the vast majority of inquiries or complaints during your first contact with us.

Phone 07771 514402

Step Two:
After a complaint is made, if it is not immediately resolved, we may need to investigate it. This process may take 7 business days, or longer (in which case we will update you with a reason for the delay and the expected timeframe).

Step Three: When your complaint is resolved, we will confirm this with you within 7 business days.

Should we not of been able to come to a satisfactory resolution after following the process of the complaints procedure above, and as long as we are within 28 calendar days of the original work being carried out, we will remove the software upgrade and refund the full amount of the original payment.