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Discover How Our Independent Vehicle Diagnostics Report Carried Out At Your Home In Kent Could Potentially Save You £1,000s

The Benefits Of An Independent Diagnostic Report Are Simple – Cost Avoidance And Peace Of Mind!

Identifying Hidden Issues: Professional-level scan tools often highlight hidden issues or pending faults that might not be immediately apparent but could become major problems after the warranty expires. Our diagnostic tools don’t just scan basic faults on the engine, but provide a complete vehicle health check, from a serious pending engine fault to a fuel filler flap not locking, we have it covered.

Warranty Coverage: If the diagnostic report uncovers any issues covered under the warranty, it allows you to have these problems addressed by the manufacturer at no cost to you. This can potentially save you a significant amount of money.

Negotiating Power: If the report reveals issues that are not covered by the warranty, you have the option to address them while the warranty is still in effect, which could potentially be at a lower cost than if you were to wait until it expires. You may also use the report to negotiate with the manufacturer or dealer for assistance with non-covered repairs.

Peace of Mind: An independent diagnostic report can provide peace of mind, as it gives you a comprehensive understanding of your vehicle’s current condition. You’ll have a clear picture of any impending issues and can address them proactively.

Extended Warranty Consideration: If the diagnostic report reveals that your vehicle has specific issues that tend to occur in that make or model, you might consider purchasing an extended warranty to cover potential future repairs.

Why Choose Us?

Our technician is available to perform the service at your home or place of work within Kent and East Sussex and just charges £150 inclusive of VAT for an extensive report that can discussed and emailed to you.

  • We Use Dealer Level Diagnostic Tools.
  • Our Engineer is DBS Checked For Your Peace Of Mind.
  • Our Business Is  Approved By Trading Standards.
  • We Are A Legitimate VAT Registered Company And Our Details Will Be On The Diagnostic Report.

To arrange your diagnostic report call Samantha on 07771 514402.

Case Study

The owner of the vehicle below was unaware that he had any issues with his van and was glad he used our services.

The warranty had less than 2 months left to run and the report saved the owner many £1,000s in repair bills.

In summary, an independent diagnostic report can help you make informed decisions about your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs, potentially saving you money, especially as it approaches the end of its warranty period.

For your peace of mind give Samantha a call on 07771514402

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