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Kent’s Ford Ranger Engine Remap and Gearbox Tuning Specialists

Upgrade Your Ford Ranger’s Power

Indulge in an entirely transformed driving experience through our Ford Ranger Engine ECU Remap, meticulously developed through dyno testing. Our mobile service extends its coverage to Kent and East Sussex, ensuring your vehicle feels notably more powerful, exceptionally responsive, and remarkably agile. Additionally, our remap delivers an enhanced level of fuel efficiency, providing a comprehensive and sophisticated upgrade to your Ford Ranger’s performance.

What Else Do We Offer

  • Adblue™ Solutions
  • EGR Solutions
  • DPF Delete
  • Transmission Tuning

Ford Ranger 6spd & 10spd Transmission / Gearbox Tuning

Transform how your Ford Ranger automatic gearbox responds with our advanced gearbox tune and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Up to 25% Faster Shift Times: Experience significantly quicker gear changes, making your driving more responsive and dynamic.
  2. Customized Shift Points for Uphill and Downhill Terrain: Enjoy precisely tuned shift points that adapt seamlessly to both uphill climbs and downhill descents, enhancing your control and confidence on varied terrain.
  3. Eliminate Hesitation: Bid farewell to hesitation during gear transitions, ensuring a significantly smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.
  4. Virtually Eliminate Torque Converter Slip: Experience a drastic reduction in torque converter slip, which not only boosts efficiency but also prolongs the life of your transmission.
  5. Boost in Fuel Efficiency: Enjoy a small but noticeable increase in fuel economy, helping you save on fuel without sacrificing performance.