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Are All Remaps The Same?

Choosing a Remap is no different to choosing tyres, they range from budget to premium,  below will help you make an informed choice.

I think it’s important to establish right here that all maps are NOT the same, below is a diagram showing the process, as you can see the level of complexity of the re-calibrated tuned file purely comes down to the skills of the file calibrator at the tuning company.

We have always worked with the most respected and experienced tuning houses and individuals in the industry to bring our customers the very best that is available, however, we appreciate that some customers are on a budget, many of our competitors only offer tuning from a budget provider and sell for around £200 ish, often offering large fictional discounts to car clubs or because every month of the year has some sort of £100 off sale. As business costs are significantly lower we can provide the same level of remapping via the very same providers usually at a reduced cost.

Just like with tyres we always advise you to go for the best you can afford, however hopefully the below will help you make an informed choice.

Budget Remap
A lot of companies and individuals sell only the budget option often at a premium price or pretend you’re getting a discount as their programming tools are linked to a single budget file provider, known in the industry as a slave tool. Let’s not pretend it’s anything other than it is, the company providing the files will be a tuning company you will not of heard of but their files will be cheap, they will have low overheads and limited development facilities, the good news is that short term you will save money over a premium remap and you will notice an improvement in performance. There is a market for this option, even though we don’t promote it if you’re considering it then give us a shout as we have access to these very same companies and can usually better the prices of the company carrying out the software installation without any of the BS.

Premium Remap
Your vehicle’s software will be sent to one of the major tuning houses in the UK to carry out the file calibrations, they will have a long history in the tuning industry, selling thousands of calibrated files worldwide to tuning professionals. Premium remaps simply cost more as you are paying for the time, money, and technology that has been invested into the development of this software, the software will be more sophisticated, the drive noticeably an improvement on the budget option.

Sophisticated ECU software calibrations made by a company with motorsport tuning credentials and many many years of experience, you will know where the money has been spent!