We have decided to publish our internal SSOW & Risk Assessment for ECU Remapping to re-assure our customers that their safety is our first and foremost consideration, and that we do all that is reasonably practical to minimise all risks, we obviously do have Motortrade Liability Insurance, however, this does not cover liability or loss due to communicable diseases such as Coronavirus or SARS for example, and although we do all that is reasonably practicable based upon the latest advice to mitigate the risk we do not accept any liability in this matter.

We appreciate the Risk Assessment is a little difficult to read when converted to our web page, however, a PDF copy is available on request.

Safe System of Work for Covid-19
and Other Contagious & Infectious Disease

When working on a customer’s vehicles the following SSOW will be adhered to:

  • Our technician will not attend work if he/she shows signs or has knowingly come into contact with Coronavirus or has come into contact known to have Coronavirus.
  • Before attending your vehicle, we ask that you, your family, or anyone you have knowingly come into contact with, have shown no signs of being infected with the virus, and if so that you make us aware immediately so we can rearrange at a later date.
  • Setting up any finance plans will be carried out previously at least 24 hours in advance.
  • We offer a warranty for vehicles that have covered less than 80,000 miles in total, the warranty is £35, if you wish to have the warranty you will need to let me know in advance so I can leave the warranty book in the vehicle when the work is completed.
  • The vehicle needs to be parked so our service vehicle can pull alongside or reverse up so we can run battery leads from our vehicle to yours if parked on the road, the driver’s side needs to parked alongside the path.
  • If this is not possible we will require access to power to plug an extension lead into, I recommend that you allow our technician to plug this in whilst adhering to social distancing.
  • Upon arrival to your vehicle, our technician will make you aware that he is outside, unfortunately, handshaking is currently not appropriate and will adhere to social distancing at all times whilst we are in a pandemic.
  • A single-use seat cover will be placed on the driver’s seat, the technician will apply an anti-bacterial gel to his hands prior to commencing work and again afterward, and reserves the option to wear a suitable face mask, equipment will be regularly cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner.
  • Contact with the interior of your vehicle will be kept to a minimum and where possible the technician will work from the outside kneeling in through the door access.
  • Upon completion, the technician will remove all tools and equipment, put back any trim that has been removed, and finally remove the seat cover that his tools have sat upon.
  • The technician will notify the customer he’s completed the task, and return to his van whilst the customer test drives the vehicle, once the customer is happy, he/she will be asked to sign for the work, the customer can use their own pen, we do however use a metal pen that is wiped with a sterile cloth between uses.
  • Receipts for work carried out will be sent out via email upon request.