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Kent’s Speed Limiter Removal Specialists for Van and LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles)

The industry-wide adoption of factory speed limiters on vans and light commercial vehicles is a growing trend. It can be disheartening for individuals who have recently acquired a used fleet vehicle, especially from utility companies like British Gas, to discover that it comes equipped with a speed limiter.  Moreover, some retailers fail to disclose this restriction, leading new owners to realise the presence of a speed limiter only when they drive the van home. This often results in traders or garages suggesting that a dealer can remove it for a mere £100, which, in reality, is rarely the case.

Fortunately, we specialize in the professional removal of speed limiters (where legally permitted) from a wide range of commercial vehicles, including models such as the Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect, and Ford Transit Custom. Our expertise extends beyond these popular brands to encompass others like Vauxhall, Renault, Mercedes, and various other manufacturers. It is important to note that certain regulations mandate the installation of speed limiters on specific vehicles, such as those with over 8 passenger seats (e.g., buses, minibuses, coaches, stretch limousines) or goods vehicles exceeding a maximum laden weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Our mobile speed limiter removal service covers the regions of Kent (outside of M25) and East Sussex, allowing you to continue your business operations while we efficiently handle the removal process.

In addition to our speed limiter removal service, many of our customers choose to optimise the power and performance of their vehicles by having and ECU Remap at the same time. This upgrade unleashes the full potential of their vehicles. For more detailed information about this service, kindly click HERE.