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The above picture explains the remapping process. It’s essential to know who the “tuning company” is carrying out the software changes as there are some really cheap and nasty ones providing low-quality budget files that then get used by remap companies to appear very cost-effective, ask these people or businesses who carry out their file calibrations and chances are they may not wish to disclose who they are using and for good reason, which is why your first question should always be, “Whose map is it?”

Above is Heinz Performance R&D Dyno.

At RubyTuneā„¢ we are all about file quality and partner with the world’s leading tuning houses. After all, an Engine ECU Remap is only as good as the company that carries out the complex software calibrations, so if you’re getting prices be sure to ask whose map it is they’re planning to install on your vehicle, you may be surprised by the reply, if you get one at all!

We have built relationships with the most respected calibration engineers in the business, Heinz Performance has over 30 years of experience in the car tuning industry, When customers have high-end vehicles or are simply looking for the best, then often this is our company of choice.

We are also authorised agents for Quantum Tuning in Kent, Quantum Tuning requires little introduction, they are probably the largest tuning company in the world, and arguably Quantum are one of the most respected brands in the tuning world.

Below is Mallory Performance, when customers are looking for something a little spicy, track cars, or the ultimate fast road experience these are our go-to company. Based at Mallory racetrack our friend Phil Cooper (a legend in the tuning world) the file calibrator will custom tune a file to our specification and usually have it back to us within the hour.

These amazing companies all have extensive testing facilities and many years of experience, between them we have you covered to deliver the remap your car deserves.

Check out the companies we use and decide for yourself: