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When it comes to programming Skoda ECUs, any tool will not do!

CMDFlash is the chosen programming tool of professionals for ECU Remapping Skoda cars.

Flashtec S.A. is a Swiss company that produces what is arguably the most stable ECU programming tool in the world, and certainly the chosen tool of professionals, especially for VAG (Audi, SEAT, Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Porsche), however, it’s also the most expensive and carries a high annual subscription cost, but it’s a tool no tuner should be without.
Skoda kindly tend to put their ECU in easily accessible places in later vehicles, it’s just as well as the engine control units fitted since approximately 2010 have enhanced security, which means that they are not able to be read via the OBD socket, however, it is possible to write to them, so tuning companies with ECU remapping tools such as Kess or New Genius may offer what appears to be a good value remap, BUT they are not able to read your ECU, would not be able to tell if it had been previously tuned, had calibrations made such as EGR / DPF or DTC’s mapped out, so technically they would be working blind, and couldn’t even carry out a back-up of the original data should anything go wrong!
Additionally, many of the turbo-diesel cars have had the EA189 Software update (VAG Emissions Recall), you can check HERE if your vehicle is affected, if your vehicle has had the update it’s good practice to roll back the software to how the engine was designed to run from the factory, the budget tools such as Kess and New Genius do not have this facility either, whereas CMDFlash has access to extensive Skoda software databases.

When it comes to remapping Skoda Cars it’s important to use the correct diagnostic tools to carry out a pre-flight health check and to also save any coding, we use VCDS, also known as VAGCOM.

The moral of the story is that like anything in life you get what you pay for, budget tools like the ones below are not ideally suited for remapping Skoda cars unless you’re 100% certain of the history of the vehicle, and are willing to take the risk of not having a back-up of the car’s current software, should something go wrong.

Did I mention we also tune DSG gearboxes, so you can optimise your semi-automatic gearbox with your engines’ tune…

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